101 Ways to use a Brick- Pointless Series #1

Simon Clement
3 min readMar 20, 2023

Hey there, guess what? I’ve started a blog series! I’ll be sharing a bunch of random, unrelated, and maybe even useless info — but it’s all for a good time! You might never need this stuff, but hey, it’s out there anyway. Sit back, have a read, and enjoy some pointless stuff.

101 Ways to use a Brick

  1. Doorstop
  2. Paperweight
  3. Decorative bookend
  4. Smartphone stand
  5. Mini flower bed
  6. Herb planter
  7. Coaster for hot pots
  8. Outdoor candle holder
  9. Hiding spot for a spare key
  10. DIY speaker amplifier
  11. Step stool for reaching high shelves
  12. Miniature zen garden
  13. Prop for yoga or exercise routines
  14. Building a tiny fairy house
  15. Grilling press for burgers
  16. Temporary car wheel chock
  17. Paint palette
  18. Canvas for street art
  19. Message board with chalk
  20. Erosion control in the garden
  21. DIY pet memorial
  22. Building a mini igloo
  23. Mini terrarium
  24. Children’s toy for building
  25. Indoor game of “hot brick”
  26. Improvised dumbbell
  27. Mouse deterrent
  28. Mini outdoor fireplace
  29. A unique addition to a fish tank
  30. Garden border
  31. DIY rain gauge
  32. DIY brick sundial
  33. Base for a table centerpiece
  34. Personalized welcome sign
  35. Anchor for balloons
  36. Decorative driveway marker
  37. Goalpost for mini soccer
  38. Outdoor tic-tac-toe board
  39. DIY boot scraper
  40. Ornament for a brick-themed Christmas tree
  41. Container for melting ice or snow
  42. Improvised hammer
  43. Heat sink for a computer
  44. Improvised cricket wicket
  45. Scratch your knee
  46. Art installation piece
  47. A conversation starter
  48. DIY jewelry stand
  49. Create a brick mosaic
  50. Play fetch with your dog
  51. Part of a Halloween costume
  52. Enhance acoustics by placing under speakers
  53. Hit your friends
  54. A travel companion with its own social media account
  55. A prop for a magic trick
  56. Miniature bridge for model railroad
  57. Building a micro castle
  58. DIY brick piñata
  59. Rolling pin substitute
  60. Safe for small valuables
  61. A musical instrument by tapping or scraping
  62. Balancing challenge for kids
  63. Fossil or artifact display stand
  64. Create your own brick puzzle
  65. DIY brick kaleidoscope
  66. Write a message and leave it in a public place
  67. Launchpad for model rockets
  68. Holder for a sparkler
  69. DIY phone charger stand
  70. A unique award or trophy
  71. Break a window
  72. Break a phone
  73. Create a brick monster
  74. Store money under it
  75. Emergency brake pad for a bike
  76. DIY brick fountain
  77. Miniature hockey goal
  78. A reusable moving box label
  79. Customized pen holder
  80. Holder for incense sticks
  81. Unique soap dish
  82. Homemade stamp with carved design
  83. Create a pretend brick phone
  84. Fashion a temporary drawer handle
  85. Mini brick seesaw
  86. Outdoor wind chime
  87. Miniature brick maze
  88. Pothole filler
  89. DIY water filter
  90. Improvised nutcracker
  91. Mini brick podium for speeches
  92. Temporary ramp for moving furniture
  93. DIY brick mirror
  94. Create a brick kaleidoscope
  95. DIY brick puppet
  96. Stand on it to increase height
  97. DIY brick bird feeder
  98. Creative marriage proposal
  99. A makeshift bed riser
  100. DIY brick nightlight with fairy lights
  101. A unique garden gnome stand

There you have it — 101 creative, fun, and unique ways to use a single brick. Enjoy trying these ideas and get inspired to come up with even more inventive uses for a brick! Comment more uses



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